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Purpose and Leadership Before the Patrol Meeting
Structure of a Patrol Meeting Conducting the Patrol Meeting
After the Patrol Meeting  

Purpose and Leadership

The following are instructions on how to plan and run a monthly Patrol Meeting

WHO IS IN CHARGE: The Patrol Leader plans and runs the Patrol Meeting

WHO ATTENDS: The Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Advisor, Troop Guide, and assigned Troop Instructors attend Patrol Meetings.

PURPOSE: The purpose of a Patrol Meeting is to provide Scouts a set, monthly time to work on Advancement and to take care of menu planning and other Patrol activities.

Before the Patrol Meeting

The following steps should be taken when planning a Patrol Meeting:

  1. The Patrol Leader (PL) should call their Patrol Advisors at least one week prior to the Patrol Meeting to make sure that at least one of them will be attending the Patrol Meeting. If none of the Patrol Advisors can attend, another Adult from the Patrol should be asked to attend. If no Adult can still be found, contact the Scoutmaster.
  2. The PL should meet with their Troop Guide and / or Patrol Advisor and plan the Patrol Meeting with the Patrol Meeting Plan. Patrol Meetings should be at least 90 minutes.
  3. The PL should call all of their assigned Troop Instructors and give them an assignment to assist with Advancement or tell them that they are not needed to assist at the Patrol Meeting. This should be documented in the PLís Leadership Log.
  4. The PL should call all of their Patrol members and remind them about the meeting. Scouts under First Class Rank should be reminded to bring their Scout Handbook to the meeting. Scouts that are at least First Class should be told to bring a Merit Badge to work on at the Patrol Meeting.

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Structure of a Patrol Meeting

The following structure should be followed at Patrol Meetings:

  1. FIRST 5 MINUTES: Welcome and plan for meeting
  2. NEXT 40 MINUTES: Scouts work on Advancement with assigned Troop Instructors or work on a Merit Badge. This should include PLs since Troop Instructors and Patrol Advisors can work on Advancement with Scouts under First Class.
  3. NEXT 30 MINUTES: The Troop Instructors can leave. Patrols plan menus, discuss past Troop and Patrol activities, and conduct other Patrol business.
  4. LAST 15 MINUTES: If all Patrol business has been completed, the Patrol may play a game.

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Conducting the Patrol Meeting

  1. The PL runs the Patrol Meeting. If absent, the APL fills in.
  2. Patrol Advisors are present to assist with discipline and Advancement.
  3. Only PLs and APLs that are at least First Class, Troop Guides, Troop Instructors, and Patrol Advisors may sign off Rank Advancement for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class in accordance with the Troopís Advancement Guidelines.
  4. PL or APL should take attendance.

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After the Patrol Meeting

  1. PL should review the Patrol Meeting with Troop Guide and Patrol Advisors.
  2. PL should call the Troop Scribe with the Patrol Meeting attendance.
  3. PL should prepare a Patrol Report with any Patrol concerns for the next PLC Meeting.
  4. PL should make an entry in their Leadership Log about the Patrol Meeting.

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