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Purpose and Leadership Before
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Purpose and Leadership

The following are instructions on how to organize and run the monthly PLC meeting.  The purpose of the monthly PLC Meeting is to share information between the Patrols and the PLC and to review and plan the Troop’s Program.

WHO IS IN CHARGE: The SPL runs the meeting.

WHO ATTENDS: The SPL, ASPLs, Patrol Leaders (Including the Patrol Leader of the Senior Patrol), and Troop Guides attend the PLC Meeting and have a vote. The Troop Scribe attends and takes the minutes of the meeting. The Troop Scribe types up the minutes of the PLC Meeting and distributes them to members of the PLC. The Scoutmaster also attends the PLC Meeting as an Advisor. Patrol Advisors, Troop Committee Chair, and ASMs may attend. Assistant Patrol Leaders may attend if they want, but may not vote unless their Patrol Leader is not attending the meeting. If a Patrol’s Patrol Leader and Assistant cannot attend the PLC Meeting, then the Patrol Leader is responsible to find another Patrol member to attend the PLC Meeting to represent the Patrol as a voting member.

Before the PLC Meeting

The following steps should be done prior to holding the monthly PLC Meeting:


  1. A date, time, and location for the PLC meeting should be made with the Scoutmaster. It is recommended that a regular time such as thirty minutes before the first Troop meeting after a campout be established so that PLC members get used to the meeting time.
  2. The SPL should check with the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair to find out about any calendar changes or announcements.
  3. Patrol Leaders should solicit feedback on the Troop’s Program from their Patrol members and prepare a Patrol Report to be presented at the PLC Meeting.
  4. The Troop Scribe distributes the minutes of the previous PLC Meeting for review.

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Running the PLC Meeting

The following steps should be followed during the PLC Meeting:

  1. The SPL calls the meeting to order.
  2. The SPL asks for any changes to the previous meeting’s minutes and a vote is made to approve the minutes.
  3. The PLC will follow up on any unresolved Old Business.
  4. Each Patrol will give a Patrol Report. Feedback from the previous meetings and campout will be given.
  5. The ASPL – Campouts and Outings will present the plan for the next campout.
  6. The ASPL – Program will present the plans for the next month’s Troop Meetings.
  7. The ASPL – Troop Competition will discuss the current standings of all of the Patrols in the Patrol Competition and how the competition will be integrated into the upcoming Troop Meetings and campout.
  8. The SPL will open the meeting for any additional concerns or business.
  9. The Scoutmaster may make a few comments or conduct a short training.
  10. The SPL will adjourn the meeting.

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The following steps will be taken after the PLC meeting:

  1. The Troop Scribe will type the minutes of the PLC Meeting and distribute them to the PLC, Troop Committee, and ASMs.
  2. The SPL will notify the Committee Chair of any changes to the calendar.


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